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     A website page about oneself is an opportunity to write your own obituary. Here I have achieved my mid forties and want to convey something witty and catchy as introduction to those who stop by. Perhaps one of the defining things of this life of mine since this is a website is that in the mid seventies is when I learned to program BASIC at high school. I was involved in personal computers from the beginning. I was in the electronics lab when the Altair was released and one of my fellow students built one.

     I had an Apple II+ by 1981 and wrote my History Thesis on it for UCLA. In those days we were limited to 70 characters on the screen via a card that you bought from Microsoft that gave you an extra 16k of memory. When the Mac was released I was with a friend who was asking my opinion. I directed him to get it for his son and he pulled out $2600 in cash to buy the original 128K Mac. Exciting times.

     From that Apple II+, I have had a Mac+, Classic Mac, Quadro, PC, 3 PC Laptops and am now back computing on an iMac. (Personal computers, work is a whole other story starting with the original 8088 IBM PC.)

      Since that time, I have obviously learned well how to manipulate computer programs and programming. I have become an award winning author as well, which you can learn about here at the various pages devoted to my writing.


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